About Us

Diva Boutique was founded by our CEO Vanesa Gonzalez as a joint family business with her mother Martha Quintanal in 2013. It was started as a small local Miami Boutique, but quickly grew as customers demanded an online store where they could shop the fashion forward styles. Fast forward to today, and Diva Boutique has grown to over 1 million instagram followers worldwide, with a 15,000 square foot fulfillment center in the city of Doral, just outside of Miami, with a staff of talented workers who make Vane's vision come to life. Diva Boutique is a leader in Boutique Fashion, offering many styles which are exclusive to the brand as part of the Diva Collection. Diva Boutique's success has been evident in the fashion industry, and you may have seen their pictures being used by other companies without their consent, but we are the original Diva Boutique and our goal is to provide our customer with the BEST styles which will turn necks, and make you feel like a true DIVA, all while offering the best possible experience to our loyal and committed customers. If this is your first time shopping with us we cannot wait for you to be part of the DIVA FAM! Sign up for our texts and emails to be kept in the loop!



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